Let me introduce myself! I’d like to be your fund raising guy!

Contact: 1-877-262-2374 or 414-527-4482

I’m Bob Berg.  Product fund raising has been my life since 1977. I work with all sorts of groups like yours, the very impressive people that make things happen for the schools, churches, charities, civic clubs and athletic groups in the United States.

My role is that of consultant to you. I am a specialty wholesaler. My goal  is to keep the cost of goods down to you and the consumer. It is my intention to be the Product Fund Raising Professional of choice in any market in which I compete.

The keys to the castle are in involving youth and or members in the building and funding of the organization through their own efforts.  They are the greatest assets of the organization.  By their efforts, they essentially become owners of the organization.

After a few years of charging around meeting people and building up a territory and clients, I returned to the university to complete my education in Public and Environmental Administration with a dual major in Policy Studies. My specialty is planning, theory and management of large public systems. Public Budgeting and Organizational Development are ideas in this discipline.  So, let’s plan ahead for the successful fund raiser you need to do the great things that you have in mind for your community!

In 2003, the name DAZZLING DELICACIES® came to me at the crazy time of 3:30 A.M. Shortly thereafter, I trademarked and service marked the name so the fund raising only brand could be used to benefit groups wanting to raise needed funds.

What do we need to do to get YOUR next BIG DRIVE going?

Send an email to dazzlingdelicacies@yahoo.com  with your basic contact information.  I will contact you shortly thereafter.  May we then begin to plan your drive to raise needed funds?

When you succeed, then I succeed! Building our community is personally important to me.  This is why I have spent more than half of my life in product fund raising.