What is your reason for existence as an organization or group? How does fund raising relate to that? Planning can help with this!

It seems like yesterday that Walter “Bud” Bjork presented a January product fund raising drive to the Door County Junior Conservation Club.
There are a couple of key takeaways from Bud’s presentation:
1. The Door County Junior Conservation Club is raising needed funds.
2. The money will be used to educate and train youth in good sportsmanship, conservation, and hunter safety.
3. Every purchase makes a valuable contribution to the life and mission of the Club.
4. Thank you to everyone! Even if they do not buy something. This creates and maintains good public relations.

Will the way money is being spent enhance organizational life? What are the line items and how much will it take to make it happen? What is needed from the average member to make this happen? Take the total dollars of the budget and divide that by the number of members to display the average. Some members can and will do more. Other members will do what they can do. It is important to be an inspiration to both to succeed. In my case, I sold a few. I had checked with the neighbors twice in the middle January Wisconsin weather. On January 31st, my “sales manager”, Mom, asked me, “How many of those items do you have sold? Do you have any left to sell?” “Yes,” I said. “They don’t want to buy ’em!” “Yes they do!” Mom proclaimed. “And, they want to buy them from you! So you get out there and sell ’em. All the government workers just got paid. They’ve got money now so you go get it done!”

How right she was. I sold 16 that evening for a total of 23 items. I was the top seller for a member and second seller over all. The top seller was the male nurse at a local factory. My neighbors were all happy that I came around again too! This was a different era and I knew the names of everyone that I approached and they knew me and my family. Sell to people you know for the greatest success.

One of the basics of planning is to envision the successful out of a reasonable target. Then, plan backwards to determine the details of what has to happen to turn reasonable expectations into stunning success to be built upon again and again. Working with a committee will help to gain consensus and distribute responsibilities.

Door County Junior Conservation Club taught me to be the straight shooter that I am today. It’s a major reason to do business with me. I hope that I may look forward to your contact soon! Let’s get the next BIG DRIVE started.  When you succeed, Dazzling Delicacies succeeds!