Does your group have need for information and/or prepayment to insure success of the drive and money handling skills? So why not take advantage of the preorder canvass process?
Here is how it can work for your organization: First, take the DAZZLING DELICACIES® FUND RAISING CHOCOLATE BARS ad slick and photo copy the preorder canvass form onto the back of the glossy 100# 8 /1/2 by 11 inch sheet. Your name and who to write checks to may be added. Special instructions including due dates, selling tips and incentive reminders are also commonly added.
Second, decide on KICKOFF and ENDING DATES. They should be no more than TWO WEEKS apart. That is FOURTEEN CALENDAR DAYS APART. This is the maximum attention span of the members and volunteers selling.
Third, take a picture of someone selling to someone buying using the canvass form. Include this picture with a press release about your drive to raise needed funds. Include answers to the questions of who, what, why, when, where and how much money you are raising.
Please don’t forget to remember the two weeks before the kickoff for building enthusiasm. Some groups have had poster contest. Posters are to combine the themes of the fund raising goal and the DAZZLING DELICACIES® BARS.
Thank you for checking-in with DAZZLING DELICACIES® FUND RAISING PROGRAMS. It is hoped that we make look forward to working with you real soon.
I will always do my best for you!
Bob Berg, Proprietor

Who do you know that wants to raise needed funds? WE SHOULD TALK! 1-877-262-2374 or 414-464-4481