Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please download this card as the Christmas card to your group from DazzlingDelicacies(R) Fund Raising Programs. Bob

Is Fund Raising Basic Public Relations for Your Group?

What are the goals for your fund raising?   The most frequent answer that one hears is to make as much money as possible.   But, will that enhance the value of the value of the group?   Is enhancing the value of the group among the group’s goals?  Of course it is.  Will being specific about how money […]

Does your organization’s reason for existence connect with its fund raising?

How does your fund raising relate to your reason for existence?  Does every member know the reason for existence? These answers are key to the success of not only your fund raising but the life of the organization.  Crafting a mission statement is important process that needs to include everyone.  This task does not need to […]


What is your reason for existence as an organization or group? How does fund raising relate to that? Planning can help with this! It seems like yesterday that Walter “Bud” Bjork presented a January product fund raising drive to the Door County Junior Conservation Club. There are a couple of key takeaways from Bud’s presentation: […]

Procrastination eats up important organization flexibility.

Now is the time to run a fund drive. One can always come back in 60 or 90 days to do another drive if needs are not in the first efforts. This investing time for parents, family and neighbors. Be sure to tie your drive to what you are about. Announce publicly on what the […]

Is it fundraising time again?

As the 2015-16  fund raising seasons approach, DAZZLING DELICACIES® has added new programs, Tis The Season, Pizzazz, Simply Savory, and Gourmet Mixes are FULL SERVICE PACK TO THE STUDENT PROGRAMS,  to help you succeed in raising program $’s. Please request an info kit and we’ll take it from there!   Please be sure to tell us about […]