Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please download this card as the Christmas card to your group from DazzlingDelicacies(R) Fund Raising Programs. Bob

Is Fund Raising Basic Public Relations for Your Group?

What are the goals for your fund raising?   The most frequent answer that one hears is to make as much money as possible.   But, will that enhance the value of the value of the group?   Is enhancing the value of the group among the group’s goals?  Of course it is.  Will being specific about how money […]

Does your organization’s reason for existence connect with its fund raising?

How does your fund raising relate to your reason for existence?  Does every member know the reason for existence? These answers are key to the success of not only your fund raising but the life of the organization.  Crafting a mission statement is important process that needs to include everyone.  This task does not need to […]


What is your reason for existence as an organization or group? How does fund raising relate to that? Planning can help with this! It seems like yesterday that Walter “Bud” Bjork presented a January product fund raising drive to the Door County Junior Conservation Club. There are a couple of key takeaways from Bud’s presentation: […]

Raise Needed Funds for Your Team with Aqua Cool Towel

Fundraising Aqua Cool Brochure The Aqua Cool Towel is already popular with many athletes! Wet it and place it on that painful spot. It will have a temperature of about 20 degrees below skin temperature. You sell them for $15 to earn a $6 PROFIT. When may I show you how to raise needed funds […]

SIMPLY SAVORY will spice up your fund raising!

Everyone is looking for something different for their fund raising. Simply Savory is different than all the rest. There are 18 great value items to choose. Each of the spices is specially ground for your order to assure maximum freshness and value to the consumer. This translates into great public relations as well as profit […]


Does your group have need for information and/or prepayment to insure success of the drive and money handling skills? So why not take advantage of the preorder canvass process? Here is how it can work for your organization: First, take the DAZZLING DELICACIES® FUND RAISING CHOCOLATE BARS ad slick and photo copy the preorder canvass […]


You can’t miss with DAZZLING DELICACIES® FUND RAISING ALMOND AND CARAMEL MILK CHOCOLATE BARS. You drive will have an extra tool for success when the DAZZLING DELICACIES® BARS are added to the fundraising product mix. With a suggested price of $2.00 each or 5 for $10, the BIG BARS represent a price drop and opportunity […]

Chocolate Candy Bar Fund Raising: Dazzling Delicacies® Candy Bars Are Best

The BIG DAZZLING DELICACIES® CHOCOALTE FUND RAISING BARS offer BIG TASTE and PROFITS TOO There are four flavors to choose Almond, Liquid Caramel, Crisped Rice and Peanut Butter Filled are available in Rich Milk Chocolate. The suggested retail price is $2 per bar. The fundraising consumer gets a good size bar while making an affordable […]

You have picked your fundraising program. Now, what is your next step?

Plan out the fundraising drive. What has to happen to make it a success? Work backwards from the vision of an a achieved fundraising dollar goal to this moment. Identify what needs to be done and the key individuals to play key roles in putting you over the top. Need help with ideas for a […]