Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe puts Smiles on Parents’ Faces Too!

lil-shoppers-shoppeA father couldn’t stop beaming as he told me about the gift that his daughter picked out for him with the help of an unrelated volunteer at the Lil’ Shopper’s Shoppe. 85% of the items are priced under $5.00 each. A copy of the brochure is attached for your inspection. Let’s talk about your fund […]

Gift Boxed Chocolate and Treats is New and Improved for 2016-17

The terrific NINE ITEMS PROGRAM that does not quit just got better over the summer with the  swapping out of the slower sellers for SEA SALT CARAMELS, TRINKETS PEANUT BUTTER BEARS, AND CHOCOLATE COVERED PECANS.  ENGLISH BUTTER TOFFEE is now offered with almonds as the topping nut. Fund Raising Programs Gift Boxed Chocolates and Treats […]

When is your next board meeting?

Please contact Dazzling Delicacies(R) Fund Raising Programs in advance of  your meeting so that we may provide samples, brochures and pertinent information in advance. Please call 1-800-233-2374 with your questions at anytime. It is encouraged to call during the meeting with questions and or concerns that need to be addressed. Dazzling Delicacies(R) wants to b […]

Isn’t today a great to book your next fund raiser?

Dazzling Delicacies(R) Fund Raising Programs are available for the entire calendar year. The 2016 GIFT CATALOGUE is Holiday Delights. 46 pages of lots to choose from for your favorite fans to support you and your program efforts. Why not take action today to reserve a time for your drive to raise needed funds in your […]

Fall 2016: Full Service Pack to the Student With Prizes

Dazzling Delicacies(SM) is proud to present this wonderful FULL SERVICE PROGRAM.   Please download, print the brochure, call or write for a profit quote, and take the information to your group for consideration.Dazzling Delicacies(SM) offers product fund raising service throughout the contiguoous United States of America.  

Merry Christmas: Peace on Earth Goodwill Toward All!

Keys to the Fund Raising Drive to Raise Needed Funds

You Price Is Right! I Would Like to Show You How And Why Today! Candy Bar brochure First and foremost, be clear about why you are raising funds.  With a reason clearly identified and stated in the form of an elevator speech for the members and friends volunteering to speak on behalf of the organization you are […]

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Please download this card as the Christmas card to your group from DazzlingDelicacies(R) Fund Raising Programs. Bob

Reserve Your Drive in Your Neighborhood

There is really no time like the present to book  your program and reserve your time to raise needed funds. So, let’s get it  started!  Please pick your program and drop me a line or make the phone call.   The Drive Chair will be recruited so you don’t have to do it all!  The […]

How to get a fund raising program started for your organization

The first step is drop a note to Tell me what you would like to do. If it is to call you back, that is great. You may call me at 1-877-262-2374 or 414-527-4482. It is my cellular phone. I pick it up except when I am with a customer. Here are some questions […]