Keys to the Fund Raising Drive to Raise Needed Funds

You Price Is Right! I Would Like to Show You How And Why Today! Candy Bar brochure First and foremost, be clear about why you are raising funds.  With a reason clearly identified and stated in the form of an elevator speech for the members and friends volunteering to speak on behalf of the organization you are armed with tools that will serve you well.  Planning the drive.  What are you asking volunteers to do?  Make the requests simple, personal and suited to the individual.  Say thank you!  Recognition in public before the group and a hand written note in the U. S. Mail work well.

Everyone’s time is limited.  When we ask a member volunteer to raise needed funds we are really asking them to do some very specific things.

We are asking them to talk about their school, team, or charity with their neighbors, friends, and family focusing on raising funds for a specific goal or set of goals.

This should take about TWO HOURS for most of us!  Organizing this into a list of contacts,  an elevator speech, and please help buy purchasing one or more items from these nice choices that I have for you.  And, of course, “Thank you!” whether or not they buy any.  Are you gathering in one place and at what time for an inspirational message and instructions?

Are you gathering after the drive for announcements, recognition, and celebration TOGETHER.  A meal helps gather everyone in one room at one time and elevate what your doing to a level of importance.

Please call on me to help with this organizing.  I will be absolutely thrilled.  There a several terrific upgrades and additions to the 2016-17 program offerings.  It is is a struggle to get them to the website.  Please request a brochure and we will be happy to get it to you at once.  Thank you!

We will both be happy with the result.  I win only when YOU WIN!

Thank you for considering!