Running a Successful Fund Raising Drive

BFR DD logo low res reverseDazzling Delicacies® offers terrific programs that will work as hard for you as let and help them to work.  The more people you and your volunteer members show it to while talking about the wonderful things that your school, team, or  group does the better will be your results…the more that your group will be able to do together with the funds raised!

Our fundraiser package includes six gourmet baking mix items and five gift boxed candy items. Here is another variation, Gift Boxed Chocolates and Treats   It does not include the Gourmet Mixes which are available in a single sheet format as well.  Simply Savory and Gourmet Mixes   has 12 selections that were picked as being especially popular in our area. It offers the different look of a contribution to the entrée or main portion of a mea enhancing its value to many consumers. Please download a copy of any of the brochures.  We can talk about the best way to go for you and your school, group, or charity.  The Simply Savory brochures Simply Savory Full Brochure and Simply Savory and Gourmet Mixes are both FULL SERVICE PACK TO THE STUDENT PROGRAMS.   The smaller brochure may be more attractive than the larger for groups desiring to pack the orders themselves to cut down the waiting time during peak season and or right before the Christmas and New Year’s Holiday from school.

What’s different about Dazzling Delicacies® is not only that  YOU ORDER EXACTLY WHAT YOU SELL but also successful sales tips that work.  I would like to share those with you separately if I may.

dazzling-delicacies-productThe 11 VERY POPULAR EDIBLE items, in this very strong program, are priced to be profitable for the group. The generous supporters who invest in your program through purchasing will appreciate its comparative fundraising value.

When you kick off the Dazzling Delicacies® fundraising program, please take note of details. They will help your fundraiser succeed! Advance planning leaving nothing to chance is the secret to raising considerable funds. MAKE YOUR LIST AND CHECK IT TWICE!!!

  • HAVE GOAL AND A DOLLAR GOAL TO MATCH!!! Be specific! Be accountable to your constituency. Pick a beginning and an ending date in advance and put it on the calendar.
  • Two weeks(fourteen days) is the maximum attention span for your volunteers in today’s fast paced life. Afterward, the law of diminishing returns reduces profits. We do not want that!
  • Run a publicity campaign! Who, what, why, when, where and how your followers may and can invest by purchasing Dazzling Delicacies® through your drive. This helps to legitimize your drive amongst the faithful. Doesn’t everyone like reassurance? Conduct an upbeat kickoff that motivates members to get out and do something.
  • Will there be a prize program? Who will present it? Do they have the details down pat?
  • Follow up the second day then every three or four days to keep everybody moving forward.
  • Ask questions and get help when you need it: or 1-877-BOB-BERG(877-262-2374) or 414-527-4482.

When may I call on you with sample and brochure?