Keys to the Fund Raising Drive to Raise Needed Funds

You Price Is Right! I Would Like to Show You How And Why Today! Candy Bar brochure First and foremost, be clear about why you are raising funds.  With a reason clearly identified and stated in the form of an elevator speech for the members and friends volunteering to speak on behalf of the organization you are […]

Recruiting Volunteers: Some Key Thoughts

The members of your organization are its greatest asset. What they will do with little or no prodding is invaluable (Talcott Parsons, Phd.) With this in mind when recruiting volunteers, there are some basics. Ask personally. Ask for something specific. Ask for a limited amount of time, not an endless task. Make the experience enjoyable. […]

Raise Needed Funds for Your Team with Aqua Cool Towel

Fundraising Aqua Cool Brochure The Aqua Cool Towel is already popular with many athletes! Wet it and place it on that painful spot. It will have a temperature of about 20 degrees below skin temperature. You sell them for $15 to earn a $6 PROFIT. When may I show you how to raise needed funds […]