We like small groups too: No group is too large or too small to raise needed funds!

Dazzling Delicacies(SM) works with groups of all sizes across the contiguous 48 States of the United States.   You order what you sell. Gift Boxed Chocolates and Treats, Simply Savory and Gourmet Mixes, and Gourmet Baking Mixes  So, you don’t wind up with excess inventory rather than ca$h at the end of your drive to raise needed funds.  The selection of programs offers significant choices to make.  Pizzazz, the frozen foods program probably is not a good fit for  the group that doesn’t forecast sales of 200 or more units due to the need for a frozen foods delivery.

We pack Gift Boxed Chocolates to the piece and ship them across the country iced when necessary.

Simply Savory and Gourmet Mixes and Gourmet Baking Mixes are condensed versions of Simply Savory and Gourmet Creations respectively.  They may be run as full service pack to the student programs if you so choose.

The condensed versions open up the door to forecasting the group’s sales.  This facilitates an instantaneous fulfillment and shorter and more intense drives saving time, concentrating focus, and having FUN raising needed funds.   We have picked the items that tend to be the top selling items in the Upper Midwest for the condensed brochures including Gift Boxed Chocolates and Treats to give them  maximum  zip.

I would like to show you how easy it is to raise needed funds with Dazzling Delicacies(SM) Fund Raising Programs. When may we talk!