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Dazzling Delicacies(SM) ships to YOU freight prepaid and included.  There are no hidden fees or surprises.  The suggested price per it is $10.00 at which selling price you earn $5.00 per item which is a hefty 50% profit to you.  However, you set the price to sell to your neighborhood.

Gift Boxed Chocolates and Treats comes to you unpriced. English Butter Toffee 6 oz., Pecanbacks 7.5 oz.,  and Nutty Pleasures 7.5 oz., Sea Salt Caramels 6.0 oz.,  Trinkets Peanut Butter Bears 6.0 oz., and Chocolate Covered Pecans 6.0 oz. are featured. There are also two non chocolate items Cashews 5.0 oz. and Cinnamon Glazed Pecans  adding this variety to the choices.  Fund Raising Programs Gift Boxed Chocolates and Treats  This program is nicknamed  ‘YOUR PRICE IS RIGHT!’ because you decide how much to ask your supporters to spend to invest in your program and make it theirs.

Dazzling Delicacies(SM) distributes Scott’s fund raising chocolates and nuts.  We ship directly to you.  There are 24 items of one flavor per case.  This is known as straight cases.  There are 9 great flavors to choose. The minimum order is one (1) case.  Packing your order at your location will quick and straight forward.  There no returns. Payment is required in advance.  Orders are shipped when the payment clears all banks.

So, please call 877-262-2374 or email to to reserve time to sell in your neighborhood.  You will be glad that you did! Did I hear someone say, “FREE samples”? When may I call on you, the decision makers, for your group with sample and brochure?